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What We Do

We help independent artists, studios, and artist managers execute on ideas and scale with marketing, software, and e-commerce.

Bare Necessities

Get all the Bare Necessities you need to success as an independent artist

"Done-With-You" program for artists just starting out

  • Artist Software Suite to hyper-charge your brand

  • Design and manage your artist website

  • Build your fan email and text list

  • Secure more shows/ bookings

  • Learn our exact strategies to market artists step-by-step

  • Weekly masterclasses, networking, and challenges

1:1 Boost Program

Grow your brand, attract superfans, and perform on the next level.

Month-to-month program for long-term growth in reach and brand

  • Everything in Bare Necessities

  • Dedicated marketing specialist to work with you 1:1

  • Generate highly engaged fans that will stick around long-term, come to your shows, and buy your merch

  • Trigger Spotify's algorithm with laser-targeted ads

  • Video editing and strategy

Brand & Monetization

Created for more established artists who are ready to scale

Custom campaigns to monetize your audience, content, and brand

  • Everything in Boost Series

  • Artist Brand Launch partnership

  • Merch and concert ticket

    e-commerce campaigns

  • Bookings and shows

  • Funnel optimization, product sourcing, and ad management

  • Recording, audio engineering, mixing, mastering, billboards, etc

  • Custom projects

Our Rock Star Guarantee

We will achieve the stated goals for each campaign in time with iron-clad reports proving the authenticity of the results or we will refund you 150%. That's right - all your money back plus extra from us for wasting your time.

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"I knew I made the right move because the results are consistent. They don’t just come and go; they stick around."


"Once we started working with Virra, they were able to push our music to the listeners and the type of audience we were really looking to get."

-Record Club

"Their communication is probably the best aspect - we check in every week, we talk about what's working and what's not working."

-MC Bravado

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